Gregg Kallor's

The Tell-Tale Heart

Wed, Oct 26 & Fri, Oct 28, 2016

550 West 155th Street and Broadway

Tickets: $35

Cast & Creative Team

  • Cast

  • Elizabeth Pojanowski

  • Joshua Roman

  • Creative Team

  • Gregg Kallor

  • Sarah Meyers
    (Stage Director)

  • Shawn Kaufman
    (Lighting Designer)

About the Production

Unison Media & The Crypt Sessions presents, a collaboration with On Site Opera

The Tell-Tale Heart

featuring a world premiere by Gregg Kallor, pianist/composer
directed by Sarah Meyers
performances by cellist Joshua Roman and mezzo-soprano Elizabeth Pojanowski


October 26 & 28, 2016 | pre-concert reception at 7pm | performance at 8pm
The Crypt Chapel of the Church of the Intercession
550 West 155th Street and Broadway

When you’re pianist/composer Gregg Kallor, instead of celebrating Halloween with a $5 mask and one too many Kit Kats, you give the world premiere of your new musical rendition of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart for piano and mezzo-soprano-slash-rockstar Elizabeth Pojanowski. A collaboration with On Site Opera, the The Tell-Tale Heart features a semi-staging by director Sarah Meyers. Oh, and if you’re Gregg then you also perform your cello sonata, Undercurrent, with cello superstar Joshua Roman – just for good measure.


Photos by Andrew Ousley