A Statement of Unity

On Site Opera – as an organization and as a family of people – stands in solidarity and support with the Black community, which has been roiled by yet another tragic and deplorable miscarriage of justice. We acknowledge the pain, grief, and outrage of this moment. We acknowledge the depth of systemic racism that exists in our country and in the opera field. Black Lives Matter.

We further recognize that we have much work to do within ourselves and within our organization to change these systems of inequality. We don’t have the answers, but we will continue this  work as a permanent fixture within our company and within ourselves so that we may build a more inclusive organization and a more open-hearted and just world.

Our path starts with listening and learning. We encourage you to join us in seeking out resources, perspectives, and conversations to gain a greater understanding of those who have been oppressed and how we can all be a part of positive change.

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