On Site Opera’s Next Artistic Director


NEW YORK, October 27, 2023– Last night, at On Site Opera’s annual fundraising gala at the Prince George Ballroom, the company announced the appointment of Sarah Meyers as its next Artistic Director, succeeding the company’s co-founder, Eric Einhorn. After an extensive search in partnership with Management Consultants for the Arts, effective in January, Ms. Meyers will join forces with General Director / CEO Piper Gunnarson and Music Director Geoffrey McDonald to lead the company into its exciting next chapter.

Co-founded by Eric Einhorn over a decade ago, On Site Opera has carved a distinguished niche within the national opera landscape, captivating audiences with its uniquely immersive and imaginative productions. The selection of Sarah Meyers signifies a pivotal moment in the company’s evolution, ensuring the preservation of its artistic essence while propelling it into a dynamic future.

Ms. Meyers brings a wealth of experience as an opera stage director at venerated institutions like the Metropolitan Opera, where she has been on the company’s directing staff for more than a decade, as well as at On Site Opera and other regional opera companies. Ms. Meyers’s directing career has spanned a range of productions from traditional opera to site-specific projects to the development of new works of opera. Her artistic vision seamlessly aligns with the company’s mission to push the boundaries and redefine the possibilities of opera, especially through site-specific productions.

Piper Gunnarson, recently appointed as General Director / CEO, has been a driving force in On Site Opera’s growth and success since 2017 while serving as the organization’s Executive Director. She eagerly shares her excitement about the transition: “Every organization begins with its founder’s vision, and Eric has undeniably established an extraordinary artistic vision and aesthetic for On Site Opera. Over the past 11 years, our growth has been remarkable, with an expanding team of stakeholders, all contributing to this mission,” she continues. “Together, we have built a robust foundation of artistic process and institutional structure that will support Sarah as the next Artistic Director and give her breathing room to imagine new possibilities for On Site Opera. She brings such a depth of knowledge about directing and producing opera, including in a site-specific format, and we share a similar set of values about fostering a positive work environment for artists. I’m really thrilled that she will play such an important part in our growing team.”

“I am excited and honored to be joining On Site Opera as the new Artistic Director,” adds Meyers. “It will be my privilege to work alongside Piper Gunnarson and Geoffrey McDonald and the entire brilliant On Site team. I have long loved this company both as an audience member and as a stage director, admiring their courage, innovation, and responsibility to their artists and community,” she continues. “I am thrilled that this new role will allow me to amplify my passion for all that On Site does and is!”

As On Site Opera continues to explore new frontiers in the world of opera, Ms. Meyers is expected to play a central role in driving innovation, nurturing exceptional talent, and expanding the company’s reach within the performing arts community. The company is poised to build on its legacy, creating unforgettable experiences that challenge convention and resonate with audiences of all backgrounds.

For more information about On Site Opera and its upcoming productions, please visit www.osopera.org.


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