Meet Cupid’s Graces: Games and Laughter

“I was inspired to use the classical structure of the minuet while infusing contemporary forms.” –Choreographer Jordan Isadore on his work in Pygmalion.

We are excited to bring you a sneak peek from rehearsal of Jordan’s choreography! In this clip, Cupid’s Graces, Games and Laughter (played by Jordan Isadore and¬†Eloise DeLuca), tell their own love story inspired by Pygmalion’s love for the Statue.


Jordan IsadoreJordan Isadore is a dancer and choreographer who has worked with Christopher Williams, Gallim Dance, Skybetter & Associates, Jennifer Edwards and, most recently, Shen Wei Dance Arts. In addition to working with these choreographers Isadore is one of the creators and editors of the blog, where he and San Francisco based artist Nicole Bridgens remix contemporary dance, pop culture and dance history through a satirical lens.



ELOISE_DELUCA_HEADSHOTEloise DeLuca was born in Long Beach, California where she began dancing at the age of four. She continued her studies and training at California State University of Long Beach, where she received her B.A. in dance. While performing and choreographing for various shows, she became a two-time recipient of the Lana Alper Scholarship and graduated under the mentorship of Susan McLain. She danced with Rhetoracle Dance Company for five years and choreographed for various studios in the southern California area. In 2010 she relocated to New York to pursue work as a freelance dancer and has worked with many artists including, Zoe Scofield of Zoe/Juniper, Andrea Miller, Loni Landon, Mike Esperanza, and Jordan Isadore.


Join us for Pygmalion
Tuesday, June 17 at Madame Tussauds New York
Friday, June 20 & Saturday, June 21 at Lifestyle-Trimco Showroom
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