Q&A With Our New Staff Members!

Get to know our new Audience Experience Manager, Yvonne de la Rosa, and Marketing Manager, Bowie Dunwoody!

What was your first performing arts experience and what made it memorable?

Yvonne: My first and most memorable experience with the performing arts has to be the school Christmas shows I was a part of in elementary school. Every year we had to perform either a song or a dance as a class. I absolutely love to dance and took my love for it to high school where I proceeded to join the high school dance squad. Our first performance in front of the entire school to a song by Missy Elliot is something I will never forget. My parents even managed to get it on video.
Bowie: I grew up in the performing arts; my mom was a singer and artist. The first experience I had that meant a lot to me was playing Titania in a Midsummer Night’s Dream my freshman year of high school. It is what really introduced me to Shakespeare and let me play as an actor.

What are you most excited about in joining the On Site Opera team?

Yvonne: I’m most excited about the inclusivity of On Site Opera and that it is a company that has the ability to be accessible to anyone.
Bowie: I’m so excited to join a team that actively works towards equity, diversity, and inclusivity.

What is one fun fact that you think people would want to know?

Yvonne: I am a huge fan of book cover art.  I will buy a book solely for the cover. I will also buy the same book multiple times if the cover art changes.
Bowie: Before the pandemic, I had 0 houseplants. I now have 22 houseplants.

What musical instrument(s) do you play – and/or what instrument would you love to learn?

Yvonne: The only instruments I can sort of play are the conga drum and the tambourine. Growing up I always wanted to learn to play the violin.
Bowie: The only instrument I can play is the ukelele and definitely not well. I would love to learn the piano if I ever have space for a keyboard. 

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