Play a starring role in site-specific opera!

A Letter from On Site Opera’s General & Artistic Director
On Site Opera

Play a starring role in site-specific opera!

“On Site Opera has a special niche in the New York opera scene as the pioneer of doing works in specific settings.” WQXR’s Operavore

Perhaps they have found a viable route back to the future.” Opera Today

Dear Friend of On Site Opera,  

When I envisioned On Site Opera over three years ago, I set out to create a company that would re-examine how opera was produced and bring the drama and music closer to audiences than ever before. Since On Site Opera’s first performance in 2012, we have been fulfilling these goals by bringing accessible operatic programming with affordable ticket prices to New York audiences.

The reviews are in and our recent production of Paisiello’sThe Barber of Seville at the Fabbri Mansion (House of the Redeemer) was a hit amongst sold-out crowds and critics! Opera Today reported that Barber “Achieved the seemingly impossible. The performance I attended was so fresh, original and immediate. Overall I enjoyed this evening as much as any live opera I’ve attended in the last decade.” And Broadway World raved “It (On Site Opera) succeeds brilliantly in making opera-going an intimate experience, where the singers are a few feet away from the audience and drawing us into the story in a way that a night at the Met or any other grand opera house can hardly ever do.”

Support immersive opera and be a part of the future!

Ticket sales make up a very small part of our revenue and we rely on your generosity to continue our mission. Your contribution will allow us to develop site-specific productions for audiences of all ages in countless innovative locations. On Site Opera donors have access to a variety of exclusive benefits – bringing our supporters closer to the action.

The Figaro Project continues in 2016 with the North American premiere of Marcos Portugal’s The Marriage of Figaro. Make a tax-deductible donation today and guarantee your tickets as we travel to the West Village and shack-up with the Count at 632 on Hudson!

For more information about benefits, please visit:

Thank you for supporting our vision!

Warmest regards,

Eric Einhorn
General & Artistic Director
On Site Opera

To donate, please visit:
or call: (347) 394-3050

For donations by mail, please send checks payable to “On Site Opera” to
P.O. Box 231480, New York, NY 10023.

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