JONATHAN R. GREEN, M. Choufleuri






Join On Site Opera for the Annual Gala, a benefit event that brings our site-specific mission right to your dinner plate by weaving immersive opera performances into an evening of cocktails, dining, and mingling with the artists and patrons that make On Site Opera’s unique mission possible. This year’s gala features scenes from Offenbach’s one-act opera “M. Choufleuri…”, bringing our gala guests directly into the world of the opera’s setting – a dazzling fete hosted by a nouveau riche Parisian attempting to impress the town’s high society. To draw the most notable names to his party, he has hired famous opera singers to perform at the event – only to have them cancel at the last-minute. M. Choufleuri, his daugther, and her boyfriend attempt to save the evening (and save face!) by impersonating the singers themselves. Needless to say, hijinks ensue!

Corey Kinger & Merrill Rose*

Gala Committee
Shelley & Steven Einhorn  |   Jane A. Gross
Michael Katz   |   Corey Kinger
Susan & Graham McDonald   |   Mark & Lorry Newhouse
Byron Nimocks & Emilie Murphy
Friends of Merrill Rose*

* In Memoriam. On Site Opera is forever grateful to Merrill Rose, who was an integral part of our Board of Directors and Gala Co-Chair team. We are deeply saddened by her recent passing and continue to recognize her efforts in helping us plan this year’s gala.

Corporate & Local Business Sponsors

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A gala like no other!

Photo Credit: Milestone Images (top left two); Fay Fox (pop right and bottom row)

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