Latinos Post: Interview with Director Eric Einhorn


By David Salazar

Jul 22, 2013

Scaling the heights of the opera world is no easy task. Especially for a director. However, for those brave enough to take on the journey, the rewards can be terrific and the applause massive. Such has been the life of stage director Eric Einhorn. Einhorn started his journey in the opera world during his high school years as a singer and the president of an opera club. The organization put together 20-minute productions of standard repertoire with Einhorn at the helm. He then went to the Oberlin Conservatory to study singing but added a directing major halfway through college. From there, he worked his way up in smaller productions until he achieved success at a number of venues around the United States, including the Metropolitan Opera.

Einhorn is coming off a tremendous success with his upstart opera company On Site Opera. The company recently presented a run of George Gershwin’s seldom heard “Blue Monday.” The 20-minute opera was staged at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem for three nights this past June.

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