“To My Distant Love” 2nd extension press release


A New One-On-One Immersive Opera Experience for a Time of Longing and Isolation

NEW YORK, July 8, 2020 –  On Site Opera, New York’s pioneering opera company rooted in site-specific storytelling and the immersive experience, will extend To My Distant Love, the world’s first telephone-based opera experience with forty additional performances through August 23. Following an already once extended sold out run of 160 performances June 18- August 9, the intimate performance, sung for one audience member at a time, features Beethoven’s influential song cycle An die ferne Geliebte with text by poet Alois Isidor Jeitteles and additional new English dialogue by Monet Hurst-Mendoza.

Performed by soprano Jennifer Zetlan or baritone Mario Diaz-Moresco and accompanied by David Shimoni and Spencer Myer respectively, the immersive experience presents a collection of six songs from the perspective of a character lamenting about being separated from their love. While each ticket holder takes on the role of the object of the protagonist’s affection, Jeitteles’s texts speak directly to larger themes of isolation and uncertainty about the future, while offering a hope of reunion. With the mission of On Site Opera rooted in the site-specific and immersive performance model, the backdrop for the intimate call, at the discretion of the ticket holder, brings the work to an unlimited variety of venues—a park bench, a cozy chair by a window, a drive through the country, or a bustling city street. The experience will begin days before the performance with love letters shared electronically, setting the scene in anticipation of finally re-connecting. With dialogue and interactive conversation, each performance will be completely one of a kind, highlighting the power of live theater despite widespread theater closures.

“Part of the early development of this project came from an effort to provide opportunities for our artists and to keep the organization forging ahead despite widespread closures. It is thrilling to see how the production has been received around the world, allowing for audiences and artists to remain connected through individual interactions,” explains Eric Einhorn, General and Artistic Director of On Site Opera. “We took a risk and reimagined how opera could be presented by artists and consumed by audiences, and we are excited by the opportunity to keep the project going through the duration of this unprecedented summer.”

This production of An die ferne Geliebte is being done in honor of the 250th anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. 


My Distant Love will be performed:


Thursday, August 13: 10:00am*, 10:30am*, 11:00am*,11:30am*

Friday, August 14: 7:00pm*, 7:30pm*, 8:00pm*, 8:30pm*

Saturday, August 15: 1:00pm*, 1:30pm*, 2:00pm*, 7:00pm*, 7:30pm*, 8:00pm*

Sunday, August 16: 1:00pm*, 1:30pm*, 2:00pm*, 7:00pm*, 7:30pm*, 8:00pm*


Thursday, August 20: 10:00am†, 10:30am†, 11:00am†, 11:30am†,

Friday, August 21: 7:00pm†, 7:30pm†, 8:00pm†, 8:30pm†

Saturday, August 22: 1:00pm†, 1:30pm†, 2:00pm†, 7:00pm†, 7:30pm†, 8:00pm†

Sunday, August 23: 1:00pm†, 1:30pm†, 2:00pm†, 7:00pm†, 7:30pm†, 8:00pm†


*Soprano: Zetlan/Shimoni

†Baritone: Diaz-Moresco/Myer

Tickets are $40 and available at https://osopera.org


To My Distant Love | World Premiere

Music by Ludwig van Beethoven

Song text by Alois Isidor Jeitteles

Additional English dialogue by Monet Hurst-Mendoza

Directed by Eric Einhorn

Musical Consultation by Geoffrey McDonald

Run time: 20 minutes

This new immersive opera experience invites you to be “the distant love” for a one-on-one performance featuring a live singer (you choose soprano or baritone) and pianist. The “site” for this performance will be yours to choose as your beloved calls you by phone to express their longing and joy to you, their distant love. Where will you choose to take such an intimate phone call? A walk through the park? A cozy chair by a window? The immersive experience will begin even before your phone call, as your beloved will send you love letters in anticipation of finally speaking again.



Founded in 2012, On Site Opera is the leading presenter of site-specific operas in non- traditional venues throughout New York City. Rooted in collaboration and storytelling, On Site Opera celebrates the connection between artist and audience through highly-curated experiences led by seasoned opera artists and bold and innovative creative teams. To date, OSO has produced 18 operas in as many unique locations to critical acclaim, including Shostakovich’s The Tale of The Silly Baby Mouse using large-scale puppets in performances for families at the Bronx Zoo; Gershwin’s Blue Monday in the historic Cotton Club of Harlem; and Rameau’s Pygmalion in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, which explored new technology in opera through the use of Google Glass supertitles. Each production invites New Yorkers to explore their city in new and unique ways, while cultivating a new generation of opera audiences.

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