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It was only this past April that the On Site Opera team reunited in person after being apart for over a year, and it served as an augur for more good things to come. This year has brought about so much change, and we’ve been grateful to you for joining us on this journey. Your support, whether you shared your voice and musical talents, donated funds or time, attended performances, or introduced a friend to OSO, resulted in all of the innovation  and growth that OSO has achieved in the past year. Together, we can build upon this momentum and the relationships we have made over the past year.

RESILIENCE This summer will mark an entire year of On Site Opera’s remote, immersive opera experiences. We re-focused our artistic attention toward creating connection through art, and each production was inspired by the warmth and excitement you shared with us about experiencing opera in unique, safe, and immersive ways. We have you to thank for making all of this possible!

IMPACT & GROWTH – Through these remote productions, we reached 1,401 patrons in 40 US states and 10 countries. Televised news features and articles about our unique remote opera productions were viewed by more than 3 million viewers around the globe and shared over 36,000 times on social media. Perhaps most exciting is the addition of two new staff members to help us design and create the experience surrounding our upcoming productions, both in person and remote. These thrilling developments reflect OSO’s strength through the past year and our commitment to better serve our expanding  programs as we prepare to return to live performance.

THE FUTURE AHEAD  On the heels of this spring’s The Road We Came (which we hope you will enjoy either in person or virtually), we are thrilled to move towards a return to live in-person performance this August as our productions travel across NYC from a riverside park on the West Side to an historic ship downtown. While we are excited to return to live performances, we will also continue to serve our more distant audience members with an exciting Digital Cantata experience next winter.  Next year is already coming into view as well, as we prepare to partner with inspiring venues across NYC and beyond our home town’s borders with special attention to curating celebrations around our 10th anniversary.

Let’s create the future of opera together.

Together, we can continue to create the future of opera as we revive live site-specific performance and build upon our worldwide connections. Your support over the past year, through contributions of funds, attendance, and enthusiasm, has seen us through an undeniably difficult time. The strength you helped us build has set On Site Opera forth to a new and bright chapter, and we invite you to launch us towards even brighter days ahead by making a donation.

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