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In this changed world, we must refocus our vision to imagine new ways forward.

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of On Site Opera
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We are all eager to welcome you back to experience immersive opera performances in surprising locations – and we will! Over the past few weeks, of course, we have adapted quickly to the current reality of social distancing and have more recently turned our thoughts to what these circumstances will mean for the arts community as a whole and for our mission as a site-specific opera company. No one is certain when we will be able to gather together again for live performances. But if there is one thing On Site Opera does well, it is adapt and power onward when we find ourselves in a challenging situation! Fortunately, On Site Opera is well-positioned to weather this storm and, with your help, become stronger by navigating these challenges creatively and nimbly.

As a company known for innovation, we must embrace the challenges at hand by thinking farther outside the box than we ever have before. And we want you to join us in this innovative quest as we launch our new initiative for the future of On Site Opera – The Vision Campaign. This campaign is built around three constants that remain central to our mission and our community, regardless of the changing circumstances of our world:

PEOPLE – Artists are the lifeblood of the performing arts, and we remain committed to paying them regardless of show cancellations caused by this pandemic.

PLACE – Artists need space to create, to ideate, to teach, and to share. In an effort to help artists from all disciplines get back to work as soon as possible, we plan to offer our studio for free to eligible artists for the duration of 2020 as soon as the studio re-opens.

IDEAS – We will invest in the technology and services needed to reconfigure our future projects and explore new possibilities that merge our mission with the foreseeable limitations on group gatherings.

You Will Make A Difference

Today we ask you to help lift On Site Opera from this sudden global crisis and travel with us to chart new paths in innovation. And “tomorrow,” we look forward to sitting together in one of the many splendid spaces of New York City, to hear live music and a moving story sung by incredible singers. Until then, we thank you for keeping the exploratory spirit of On Site Opera alive and sharing your own dreams with us about how to unite with each other through the joy and wonder of opera even while we must be apart.

Thank you for supporting On Site Opera.

Our physical office is currently closed per orders from New York State, and our mail forwarding service has been significantly delayed. We encourage you to make your donation online if possible. The donation forms on this page offer options to pay via credit card, ACH direct transfer, Apple Pay, or Google Pay. If you prefer to send a donation by mail, please contact to inquire about our temporary mailing address. Thank you for understanding.


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